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Gotha Cosmetics Headquarters

Lallio, Italy, 2018

"The project involved renovation and expansion of the headquarters of Gotha Cosmetics. Interpreting the demands of a client concerned with cosmetics and aesthetics, we designed a building that captures the attention of passers-by and certainly doesn’t go unnoticed. The new volume clearly distinguishes between spaces dedicated to visitors and the business premises of Gotha Cosmetic, and stands out in the highly industrial hinterland of Bergamo. We found ourselves working with an insignificant existing building: a regular volume, a simple parallelepiped connected to an industrial warehouse. Starting with a building of no particular architectural value, a situation common to the industrial outskirts of Italy’s mid-sized to large cities, the new project not only provides the company with reception areas, including an iconic new entrance, but expands the amount of office space, redevelops the production facilities and creates new spaces permitting an overall renewal of the company’s image."


Dimension: 2.500sqm offices + 10.000sqm production site

Client: Gotha Cosmetics

Investment: N/A

Project by: iarchitects

Photos by: Claudia Calegari

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