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VM House

Udine, Italy, 2016

"The intervention converted the space of the residency, a seventies building distinguished by a complex geometry in a new two levels house, flood with natural light and open to the sorrounding hills.
One of the client’s main desires was to live the home entirely in its 300 square meters, going beyond the clear separation between the two floors of the original building. iarchitects decided to remove part of the slab dividing the two floors carving out a double height entrance space that funnels in light and it’s also the main distribution space. To improve the levels of natural light inside the home, all the existing windows were enlarged. Besides this iarchitects modified the exagonal shaped plan of the house, building a new volume with a steel frame and sliding glazed floor to ceiling windows, to underline this direct relation with the external spaces: the swimming pool and the big park around the house."

Dimension: 307sqm

Client: Private

Investment: ND

Project by: iarchitects

Photos by: Alessandra Bello

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