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Moraar Complements

Italy, 2009

"The tree (Morâr, in the language spoken in the Friuli region) was the inspiration to design this line: the leg and the backrest are simply a branch that forks into two with its new shoot. The absolute respect for the regulations on environmental sustainability the constant improvement of the production system and the use of refined materials that boast a very low environmental impact are the principles upon which the company creates these products. Because each tree isn’t merely an integral part of our planet but represents our legacy to future generations. From the packaging, each element and material used by Passoni Nature is certified to comply with the highest standards of environmental sustainability. Amongst the most significant certifications are FSC and ANAB-ICEA, which witness the respect and care for the environment."

Client: Passoni Design

Design by: Davide Cumini

Photos: Franco Mattiussi - Ikon

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