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Woodco Headquarters

Trento, Italy, 2018

"Once the existing site has been demolished, we grafted the previous geometry into a new volume with a more complex geometry that amplifies the brightness of the spaces, and gives identity to the main entrance thanks to a new Krion façade. The building is on three levels and presents a renewed functional distribution distinguishing the private area of the offices on the top floor- from the public spaces- showroom, meeting rooms, auditoriums located on the ground floor; the third floor houses a large terrace for events and presentations. Beyond the entrance, the large open space is marked by a triple-height vacuum that defines the reception desk underlined by Artemide suspension lamps, behind the desk a wall on which the company logo stands, hides the staircase body."

Dimension: 1.200sqm

Client: Woodco

Investment: ND

Project by: iarchitects

Project Leader: Davide Cumini

Photos by: Claudia Calegari

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